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Why you need a Mattress Protector for your mattress

If buying a mattress wasn’t tough enough, it only becomes more confusing and daunting when the salesperson asks “do you have a good mattress protector”. The average consumer has good reason to be apprehensive and perhaps believe that they are about to be conned into another expensive item that they do not need. However, this is not the case.

Firstly, a mattress protector keeps the mattress clean. While we’re asleep, our bodies do become a little grotty. We can sweat, we produce excess oil from our skin, we shed dead skin cells, and some people may also be wearing make-up or fake tan. All of this things can eventually soak through the sheets and result in stain in the mattress that becomes irremovable. This is where a mattress protector can, well, protect the mattress.

Most good mattress protectors will also prevent dust mite allergies from acting up. Whilst this may not be relevant for all consumers, dust mite allergies are becoming remarkably more common and can lead to several health issues such as wheezing, sneezing, running nose, or in some situations, shortness of breath. Furthermore, dust mites like to eat dead skin cells, and without a mattress protector, there will be plenty of dead skin cells in your mattress!

Additionally, consumers love that ‘new mattress’ feel and like to ensure they get bang for their buck. However, once their personal perspiration stain the mattress, or they spill their morning coffee on their sheets and into their mattress, that ‘new mattress’ feeling soon disappears. Before you know it, you will begin talking about how you need a new mattress! This should not be the case and is easily preventable.

Finally, some mattress protectors help with the mattresses warranty. At Slumberworld, when you buy a ‘Protect-a-Bed’ mattress protector in the same transaction as one of our mattresses, they guarantee that if your bed gets a stain, the will replace your mattress!

There are several different mattress protectors available at Slumberworld and our friendly staff are experts when it comes to all things mattresses! If you would like to find out more about mattress protectors, please visit our store at 132 Torquay road, Grovedale. Or, feel free to call our helpful staff on 52411108.


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