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Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds have come a long way in design and functionality. Gone are the days that to get a comfortable position, meant that you need to have a bulky piece of machinery in the bedroom, that costs the earth!

At Slumberworld Geelong, there is a great range of sleek adjustable electric beds to choose from. They pair perfectly with our 100% Natural Latex mattress range, to bend and move with ease in your perfect position.

The MLILY Adjustable Bed in Geelong variety is perfect for customers with a broad range of sleeping needs. Starting with head and leg elevation units, that compliment your current bed frame. Customers can create their own bed, with the sleek base designs and matching bedheads. MLILY have created a bed that has all the function you need, and a style that will compliment any space.

There are amazing benefits to using an adjustable bed. You can really adjust it to suit your best sleeping position. A fantastic feature MLILY has in the IACTIVE range is a preset Zero Gravity position.

Zero Gravity (zero G) gives the body a sense of weightlessness, decompressing the spine, relieving tension in the hips and pressure in the lower back. Raising your head and knees slightly above your heart, also creating a 120-degree angle between your torso and legs.

This position will be slightly different for each person and can be adjusted and saved to the existing memory/preset positions i.e. ZeroGravity, AntiSnore, Memory etc. by holding the flat button and the desired save function i.e. Zero Gravity or Memory on an adjustable base.

To enquire on Adjustable beds, contact our friendly and knowledgable team on 03 5241 1108 or

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