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Slumberworld provides wholesale mattresses for accommodation businesses in Geelong and the surf coast

For over twenty years Slumberworld has been providing mattresses to leading accommodation businesses including hotels, caravan parks, hostels, motels, and bed and breakfasts around Geelong and the Surf Coast. We are able to produce high quality, double-sided mattresses at a bargain wholesale price. We are also able to produce high volumes of mattresses in a short space of time and work as hard as we can to cater for all of our client’s individual needs.

Mattresses in our budget range are generally the most popular with most popular with hostels and caravan parks. However, because our mattresses are double-sided, our customers are getting value for money. Even mattresses with lesser levels of foam are able to last for long periods of time and remain comfortable for the guests of the business to sleep on.

Mattresses in our mid-range are generally the most popular with hotels and private ‘airbnb’ type businesses. In particular our ‘Supreme Comfort’ is certainly the most popular. Valued at $750, the Supreme Comfort comes with luxurious foam and support on both sides, and has a retail value of anywhere between $1,500-$2,500. Therefore, our clients can save money and offer their own guests a delightful night sleep.

Mattresses in our deluxe range are generally the most popular with bed and breakfast’s and higher end hotels. Our deluxe mattresses come with the very best materials on the market and are available to our customers at less than half the price of a similar product at a retail store.

Whether we are producing mattresses for accommodation businesses or every day customers straight off the street, we can promise the consumers they will only pay the mattresses wholesale price all year round! This means that everyday is a ‘sale day’ at Slumberworld.

Finally, our customers can sleep easy knowing they are supporting a 100% Geelong owned and operated retail store. We manufacture all our mattresses right here in Geelong, and our customers are more than welcome to tour our mattress factory in Grovedale.

If you would like to learn more about our wholesale mattresses, please feel free to visit us at 132 Torquay Road, Grovedale. Our phone number is 52411108 and our email address is

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