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Manchester in Geelong

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Slumberworld Manchester

Bedding and Manchester is just as important for a good night’s sleep as your mattress and bed. At Slumberworld in Geelong, we have a range of manchester and bedding to help you make your bed comfortable no matter the season, including:

  • Pillows and pillow protectors.
  • Linen – fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillow covers, pillow slips, pillow cases.
  • Doonas and Doona covers.
  • Mattress underlays – wool underlays, cotton underlays.
  • Mattress protectors.
  • Electric blankets.

Whether you have a single, double, queen size or king size bed, you’ll find Manchester to suit your taste and budget.

Come in to our Geelong store and take a look at our range of bedding and Manchester, bedroom furniture and retail and wholesale mattresses. We also specialise in made-to-order caravan mattresses.

Contact us via email or phone us on 03 5241 1108.

Pillows And Pillow Covers

Pillows and pillow protectors

Pillows and pillow protectors

Pillows And Pillow Covers


• Fitted sheets.

• Flat sheets.

• Pillow covers.

• Pillow slips.

• Pillow cases.

Doonas and doona covers

Doonas and doona covers

Doonas And Doona Covers

Mattress underlays

• Wool underlays.

• Cotton underlays.

Mattress Underlay

Mattress protectors

Mattress protectors

Electric Blankets

Electric Blankets Geelong
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