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Latex and Innerspring Mattresses

Latex versus Innerspring Mattresses in Geelong

At Slumberworld in Geelong our customers often ask us whether innerspring mattresses or latex mattresses are the better option. We have created a list of the benefits of each of these mattresses as a guide, but most of all it comes down to personal choice. We invite you to come in to our showroom in Geelong and sample both the innerspring mattress and the latex mattress to see which one is the most comfortable for you.

Latex Mattresses

  • Due to its hypoallergenic nature, latex is the perfect mattress material and recommended for those with allergies, eczemas, hay fever, asthma and respiratory problems.
  • A latex mattress dynamically conforms to you, offering a natural alignment of the spine and supporting the shoulder and hip area, without pushing against pressure points. They feel denser while providing superior support and helping to relieve the pressure points of the body.
  • As pressure is is more evenly distributed on a latex mattress, pressure on pivotal areas on the body is reduced, preventing circulation cut-offs. Circulation cut-offs can induce tossing and turning, causing an interruption to normal sleep.
  • Its superior cell structure gives it maximum breathability, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Body perspiration is quickly dissipated and passed out of the mattress, keeping the user in luxurious comfort.
  • A latex mattress retains its shape and does not sag or deform, removing the need to turn the mattress over. When you move in the bed, you don’t feel lumps as it returns to its original shape quickly.
  • Due to the very nature of latex, dust mites are unable to live in the environment.
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Latex Mattress

Innerspring mattresses

  • Bonnell spring mattresses are made from round, hourglass-shaped springs which are tied together to form a mat. A round, helical crosswire connects each single spring to a spring unit. Different thickness gauge of wire in the springs contribute to the making the mattress harder or softer. The lower the gauge, the firmer the mattress.
  • Unlike springs covered with pockets or box foams, the air is able to circulate through the Bonnell springs, which prevents build-up of mildew or heat being trapped in your mattress.
  • The greater number of springs allows more flexibility so the mattress can better mould to the body shape.
  • Open aired Bonnell spring mattresses ensure you get a great night’s sleep regardless of partner weight differences.
  • With innerspring mattresses, you have a choice of premium-quality covers over your mattress, giving you more choice in the type of surface.
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Innerspring Mattresses Geelong

Sample both the Latex and Innerspring Mattress

Once again, we invite you to come and see us in our Geelong showroom and try out mattresses to see which best suits you. All our mattresses are manufactured by us right here in Geelong, making us trusted professionals with the expertise to help you with your mattress and bedding selection.

To get the most benefit and longevity from your innerspring or latex mattress there are many ways to care for your mattress. Take a look at our caring for your mattress page.

Our mattresses are available wholesale and retail. We also have bedroom furniture, manchester and caravan mattresses made to order.

Contact us via email or phone us on 5241 1108.

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