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Adjustable Electric Bed & Latex Mattress

10 Year Warranty
Customisable Features
Premium Technology

Adjustable Electric Bed

Our Adjustable Electric Bed and Latex Mattress Combo is the ultimate sleep optimisation.

Our partnership with leading global electronic bedding company MLILY combines premium quality mechanics, topped with Slumberworld’s specially designed and handcrafted latex mattress range to achieve our shared mission of improving health and lifestyle through sleep optimisation.

This is more than just maximising comfort. Slumberworld’s latex range has hypoallergenic properties making it a popular choice for those with allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever and other respiratory conditions.

Additionally, the large range of lifestyle features offered by our MLILY base can assist with sleep apnoea and snoring, enhancing circulation, improving leg swelling, reducing acid reflux and heartburn, easing arthritis and chronic pain, easing back pain.

The easy to use features of our MLILY base include: adjustable head and feet positioning, luxurious massage features to help circulation, adjustable bed heights and much more.

Please contact us with any enquiries, or come to our Geelong store to take a look at the best mattress for you. We can also help with affordable bedroom furniture and manchester.

Adjustable Electrical Bed
Adjustable Electrical Bed
Slumberworld Adjustable Electric Bed And Latex Mattress Combo
Adjustable Electric Bed And Mattress Slumberworld

Sizes Available

Single Bed Mattress

Long Single

King Single Bed Mattress

King Single

Double Size Mattress


Split Queen

Split King

Benefits of our Adjustable Beds

Choose Comfort 1

Choose Your Comfort

Our handcrafted Latex Mattresses are specially designed to work with our adjustable electronic bases and come in three comfort levels to suit each individual need: Soft, Medium or Firm.

Optimised Sleep

Optimised Sleep

Our Adjustable Electric Bed and specially designed pure Latex Mattress ensures your sleep is optimised through a holistic and individual approach.  It allows YOU to choose how YOU want to sleep!

Easy To Use

Uncomplicated Technology

The Adjustable Electric Bed is very easy to use!  It comes with a wireless remote that has simple buttons to keep it simplified and easy.

Our friendly staff will deliver and set up your new bed, and ensure you understand how to use it before they leave.


Guaranteed Warranty

You can rest assured knowing that all aspects of our Adjustable Electric Bed and Latex Mattress combo come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty!

This includes a:

  • 10 year Manufacturer’s Warranty on the mattress.
  • 10 year Frame Warranty.
  • 10 year Motor Warranty.

6 Feature Pack Options

Easy to use wireless remote
Upper body raise
One touch flat button
Programmable memory position
A flash light
Battery back up
Adjustable legs
Adjustable Electric Bed and Mattress Slumberworld

Our MLILY Adjustable Electric Beds come with the option of 6 different feature packs that suit all requirements and budgets.

Options Can Include:

Lumber, Head, Torso & Leg Raise
TV & Zero G
Under Bed Lighting
USB Charging Ports
Pillow Raise
3 Level Massage Intensity
3 Mode Variation Massage
Lumber Support Bar

Health Benefits

The health benefits from a good night sleep are well known and becoming more and more vital to our overall wellbeing. While we pride ourselves on support and comfort, our Adjustable Electric Bed and Latex Mattress combo do more than just providing support and comfort.

It is well established that pure latex has anti-allergenic properties making it a very popular choice for individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever and other respiratory conditions.

 In addition to this, the MLILY Adjustable Electric Bed include assistance with:

Adjustable legs
Enhancing Circulation
Lessening Leg Swelling
Lessening Acid Reflux Heartburn
Easing Arthritis & Chronic Pain
Easing Back Pain
Adjustable Electric Bed and Mattress Health Benefits
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