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Mattresses Available For Pre-Christmas Delivery

Mattresses Available For Pre-Christmas Delivery

Slumberworld Geelong have you covered if you are in need of new mattress before Christmas!

Whether it be for seasonal guests, children, or your own mattress, Slumberworld have almost every mattress in stock, which means no matter your budget or comfort level, the mattress you need can be delivered before the big day.

Slumberworld only use the very best 100% Australian springs, fabrics, and foams in all our mattresses. Most importantly, Slumberworld mattresses are designed to be double-sided, which means they also last twice as long as our competitors. Oh, and all our mattress are manufactured 100% in Geelong!

Slumberworld’s mega-showroom and mattress factory is located at 132 Torquay Road in Grovedale. If you would like to enquire about our different mattresses and pre-Christmas delivery, don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff on 03 52411108 or email .


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