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Mattress Toppers in Geelong

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When your mattress starts firming up, but you don’t want to pay a fortune for a new mattress, a ‘mattress topper’ or ‘mattress overlay’ may be the perfect solution!

A mattress topper can add a luxurious layer of foam or latex to your existing mattress, at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress! Here at Slumberworld Geelong, we stock three different type of mattress toppers.

  1. Latex mattress topper/overlay

We manufacture our own 100% latex mattress toppers and sell them directly to the public. We use luxurious super-soft latex and finish the overlay with a thick cotton fabric top. Our latex mattress toppers are suitable for all mattresses and add a plush feel to your old, tired or firm mattress.

Our latex mattress toppers are available in all sizes (single, king single, double queen or king), including custom made sizes for unique areas. Again, because our mattress toppers are made at our Grovedale factory in Geelong, they are available to the public at their wholesale price.


2. ‘Bianca’ Pure Microfibre Mattress Topper

A Bianca Microfibre Mattress Topper will add a plush layer of comfort to your mattress, and fits tightly on your mattress. Bianca is a highly respected bedding brand and we stock their product and for sale in our Grovedale retail store. Their mattress topper comes with a five year warranty, is machine washable, is made out of japara cotton and is rated 1000 GSM. Bianca Microfibre Mattress Topper’s come in all sizes and will go a long way to ensuring our customers have a luxurious nights sleep!


3. ‘Tencel’ Gel Infused Flexi Mattress

We also stock a gel infused, memory foam mattress topper, known as a ‘Tencel’ Flexi-Topper. For enhanced comfort, Tencel use micro-encapsulation technology to infuse gel beads directly into premium memory foam. This combination delivers personalised support, comforting to your body’s contours. The Gel Beads move closer together when under pressure and this improves support and comfort and may reduce pressure and pain. Further, the Gel Beads/memory foam combination helps balance and regulate body temperature whilst sleeping. This mattress topper comes with three year warranty and is also available in all sizes.


If you would like to learn more about our mattress toppers/mattress overlays, do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 52 41108. Or, if you would like to visit our store in Grovedale, Geelong, and peruse our range of mattress toppers, please visit us at 132 Torquay Road, Grovedale.


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