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Grovedale Rotary Club Tours Slumberworld Mattress Factory

Grovedale Rotary Club tours Slumberworld Mattress Factory

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Noel and Jan were delighted to host the Grovedale Rotary Club at our Grovedale Matrass Factory a couple of weeks ago.

Noel met the touring part after work and ran them through the production of our mattresses and also let them in on a few trade secrets.

Slumberworld is proud of it’s open, honest and transparent approach of doing business with their loyal Geelong customer base, and this was yet another great opportunity for the business to showcase its local manufacturing.

Our mattress factory operates 6-days a week and our retail store is open all 7 days!

Noel was impressed by the interesting questions posed by our guests. Both Noel and Jan thoroughly enjoyed the night and spoke highly of the lovely and interesting people they had the pleasure of meeting.

If you would like to organise a group tour of our mattress factory, please don’t hesitate to call and organise a booking on 52 411108. Or, pop into our shop on the Torquay road in Grovedale to see our mattress factory in operation!

Noel explains the ins and outs of mattress production


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