Caring for your mattress from Slumberworld Quality Mattresses and Bedding in Geelong

At Slumberworld in Geelong we want you to get the most out of your mattress. We advise that you replace your mattress every ten years. We supply you with the best quality mattresses and bedding, and our friendly staff are happy to give advice on the best way to make your mattress last.

The easiest way to get maximum use from your mattress and retain its full comfort is to take proper care:

  • Turn it over and rotate it end-to-end regularly. Alternate the flipping and turning so both sides of the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ of the mattress get equal wear. Many manufacturers recommend turning or rotating every two weeks for the first three months, then every two or three months thereafter.
  • Use a mattress protector to keep it clean. Slumberworld have a range of mattress protectors and manchester. Don’t wet your mattress; only use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. If you must wash it, use soap, cold water and a damp cloth and rub gently. Dry thoroughly using a hairdryer or put your mattress in the sun to avoid mildew. A waterproof cover may be useful for bedwetters.
  • Don’t use the handles to lift or carry the mattress. They’re not designed to take its weight, and should only be used for positioning it.
  • Don’t fold the mattress. Try to bend it as little as possible when carrying it around corners.
  • Don’t put a new mattress on a saggy, broken-down base. Take a look at the Slumberworld range of beds and bedroom furniture.
  • If you often sit on the edge of your bed, when getting dressed for example, try to avoid sitting in the same spot every time.
  • Jumping is best left for trampolines or crash mats.

Contact us at Slumberworld Quality Mattresses and Bedding, come and try out a mattress at our premises in Grovedale, Geelong or phone us on 03 5241 1108.

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