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Helping Customers Select Their Perfect Mattress

Helping Customers Select Their Perfect Mattress

To have the best day possible, you need to achieve a great night’s sleep.

Noel explains the ins and outs of mattress production to Grovedale Rotary Club

It is hard to miss Slumberworld’s huge factory and retail building on the Torquay Road in Grovedale. Its logo has become a recognised Geelong icon, not only for excellent quality mattresses, but for the best pricing too.

“Making mattresses and selling them direct is so satisfying”, owner and operator Noel Primmer said.

“We make all kinds of mattress right here on our premise from medium to high-grade quality, and even the top of the range latex mattresses. The best thing is that they are priced at wholesale prices to suit everybody.”

“Our own qualified staff make them and customers can see firsthand exactly what goes into making them when they browse through the store.”

Slumberworld pride itself on delivering exceptional customer service with staff specially trained to help customers select their perfect mattress.

Apart from mattresses, Slumberworld is also a one-stop shop for a huge range of electric, timber, upholstered, brass, bunk and children’s beds.

They also offer a massive range of manchester, including pillows, doonas, blankets, electric blankets, and have an extensive range of linen including quilt covers, bedspreads and sheets.

Slumberworld is open seven days a week and offer same-day delivery of mattresses and bedroom furniture.

Noel and Jan Primmer
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