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5 Best Mattresses For Airbnbs

Staying at an Airbnb, comes with a hotel-like expectation. Guests want to feel the comfort of home, with a luxurious experience. One of the most important comfort items in an Airbnb, is a mattress.

The right mattress is what can set your property up for success, with positive reviews and repeat bookings from happy customers, that can’t wait to stay again.

We have created a list of things to consider, when choosing the right mattresses for your Airbnb or holiday rental property:

Comfort Level

Our rule of thumb is to select a mattress that is not too firm and not too soft… if you have ever read the story of Goldilocks. A medium comfort mattress will work well for guests. We have a wide range of mattresses to choose from, that will provide great support, and luxury comfort.


Giving your guests a luxurious mattress, does not need to cost the earth. At Slumberworld Geelong, we make our mattresses here, on site! This means you can purchase your mattress directly from the factory, and never pay retail!


In our innerspring mattresses, we use a heavy duty spring system. This will provide great back support, while we create the comfort layers through the different foam recipes. All of our mattresses are made double sided. This means you can flip, and rotate your mattress to get longer wear.


It is important to allow your mattress to breathe. Slumberworld uses a steel side support, to offer a sturdy structure, without blocking the airflow of your mattress. This is the ideal construction to keep your mattress breathing for hygiene, and guests that tend to get warm in the night.

Our top 5 mattress picks for Airbnb:


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