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King Single Mattresses – What You Need To Know

We field a lot of questions from our customers regarding king single mattresses.  This includes:

  1. What are the dimensions ?
  2. What is the benefit of a king single size mattress?
  3. Should it be double sided or single sided?
  4. How long does it last for?
  5. Can they be recycled?
  6. How much should a good one cost?
  7. What size doona should go on it?

We’ve spent over 25 years helping people answer these questions!

Set out below in this blog is everything we consider you need to know about king single mattresses.

What are the dimensions of a king single size mattress?

A king single mattress is 107cm wide by 203cm long.  This translates to 3 foot and 6 inches wide by 6 foot and 8 inches long in the old measurements.

What is the benefit of a king single size mattress?

A king single sized mattress is a size great option for many reasons. It is wider than a single mattress, and shares the same length as a queen and king mattress. A king single mattress is a great option for a kids mattress, to ensure they don’t outgrow it too quickly. We also find it to be a popular sized mattress for a narrow room, or people who get lost in a queen size bed, but need the length.

How long does a king single mattress last for?

As a starting point, a good quality king single mattress should last for 10 years.  However, the lifespan of some king single mattresses will vary depending on quality.  For example, an entry level mattress will might last for 5-7 years, whereas a top quality king single mattress could last for 10-17 years.

Can a king single mattress be recycled?

Yes.  A king single mattress can be recycled.  If you are replacing your mattress, you should ask the company you are buying the mattress from to ensure it is being recycled and not transferred to a landfill.  At Slumberworld, we recycle every mattress we take away from a customers house!

How much should a good king single mattress cost?

A high quality king single size mattress should normally cost between $1,000 – $2,250. Many retail companies have incredibly huge mark ups on their mattresses, just so they can advertise a mattress being ‘on sale’ all year round.  For example, they may say a king single mattress is worth $6,000, but will sell it you today for $3,000.  The customer believe they are getting a deal, but in reality the retail company are still profiting on an extremely high mark up.  For example, see this Sydney Morning Herald Investigation, “the stitch up“.

At Slumberworld, we make all our mattresses on site, and sell them to retail and wholesale customers at their factory prices all year round.  No sales, no clever marketing strategies – just the real honest price for every customer.

What size doona should go on a king single mattress?

A double size doona will fit a king single size mattress.  As Manchester manufacturers don’t often make a king single doona.  This provides you with more doona to create a nice side overhang.


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