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Custom Caravan And Camper Trailer Mattresses

Custom Caravan and Camper Trailer Mattresses

There is nothing worse than taking your new Caravan or Camper Trailer on an adventure, only to be counting down the nights to get back home to your own bed!  Slumberworld is committed to giving you a good night sleep while you are on the road. We specialise in custom caravan and camper trailer mattresses, to suit any shape and size.

Many Caravan and Camper Trailers have different floor plans to maximise the living space. When looking for a custom Caravan mattress or Camper Trailer mattress, it is important to take note on the width, length (we always recommend allowing room for “tucking” sheets), depth restrictions and if corners need to be cut or rounded. Our expert team will help guide you to a suitable mattress.

Bushmaster Caravan

How much will a Custom Caravan or Camper Trailer mattress cost?

If you have your Caravan or Camper Trailer mattress measurements, you can complete a quote form below and one of our team members will be in touch.

If you would like to learn more about our Slumberworld Mattress Range, please contact our friendly staff on (03) 5241 1108 or

Caravan Mattress Quote

  • Note 1: Due to the variation in material composition, spring constraints and other factors, final size tolerance may be up to 2-3% of the specified size.

    Note 2: We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 1 business day. Please check your JUNK email folder if you have not heard back from us.

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