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The Slumberworld Windsor Mattress

Our Windsor mattress has been specifically designed for those who prefer a firm innerspring mattress, with a touch of plushness.

Built, using our premium-grade innerspring system which guarantees full body support, minimises partner disturbance and promotes optimal airflow.

It also features steel side supports, allowing you to sleep full width of the mattress and ensuring the mattress is breathable.

The comfort layers are deluxe, dense layers of high quality foam, that create a firm feel, with a plush organic cotton top. The Windsor has been strategically designed to ensure you have the firmness you’re seeking, whilst not compromising on comfort.

Please contact us with any enquiries, or visit our Geelong store to select the best mattress for you. We can also help with affordable bedroom furniture and manchester.

Comfort Level: Firm
Soft Mattress
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Which Sizes?

Single Bed Mattress


92cm x 188cm

Single Bed Mattress

King Single

107cm x 203cm

King Single Bed Mattress


137cm x 188cm

Double Size Mattress


153cm x 203cm

King Size Mattress


183cm x 203cm

Super King Size Mattress

Super King

203cm x 203cm

Custom Size Mattress

Custom Shapes

and sizes

What's Inside a Slumberworld Windsor Mattress?

Mattress Comfort Layer

Comfort Layer

The Windsor is topped with a luxurious firm comfort layer. It’s constructed of premium compact foam that maximizes comfort and will help you sleep like royalty.

Temperature Control

Our temperature control technology keeps your mattress cool so that you can sleep in peace once again. Our open-aired spring system allows excess heat to flow through the Indulgence. Whether it’s natural heat or body heat, it won’t get trapped in your mattress and disturb a good night’s sleep.

Highest Quality Materials

Every Slumberworld mattress is constructed with 100% Australian materials. From the stitching to the springs—and everything in between. We only use the highest quality materials to bring you the highest quality sleep.

Reinforced Edging

We add steel side supports around the mattress, especially where people sit to get in and out of bed. This strengthens the mattress by reducing ‘dipping’ along the sides and therefore increases its lifespan.

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Minimal Partner Disturbance

You can’t get a restful night of sleep if you feel every single time your partner tosses and turns. On some mattresses, you can even feel them breathe.

But not on the Indulgence.

Every spring works individually, so excessive movement on one side of the bed won’t be transferred all over. No matter how you sleep, and no matter how your partner sleeps, you will both get good sleep

10 Year Warranty

When you buy Slumberworld, you probably already know that you are getting the best mattress at the most affordable factory-direct price.

But did you know that you will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our 10-year warranty?

Yep, that’s right!  You can rest assure knowing the Indulgence comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty!

10 Year Warranty
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