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‘Pillow-top’ mattresses in Geelong

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We all love our favourite pillow. Therefore, we feel warm and fuzzy by imagining a mattress-sized version of our beloved pillow. After years of targeted and calculated marketing techniques, the mattress industry has led customers to believe they are getting ‘more’ in their mattress if they buy one with a ‘pillow-top’. However, this is simply not the case.

Every mattress comes with a different level and quality of foam. The price should therefore be representative of the quality of foam within the mattress. This should be visible to customers on the showroom floor. However, by simply sewing the mattress with an extra layer of stitching, a manufacturer can mislead customers into believing they are receiving an extra level of comfort. Because the mattress visually looks like it has this extra top layer of foam, retailers are able raise their prices accordingly. As a result, the customer is left confused and severely out of pocket.

Slumberworld does not believe in using these tactics to sell mattresses. We have been making high quality custom made mattresses for over twenty years and have relied on honest customer service. We manufacture our mattresses at our retail showroom in Grovedale, which means that customers can inspect the mattresses for themselves to ensure they know exactly what they are purchasing. Whether it is a mattress for your house, caravan, truck or boat, Slumberworld has you covered.

Because we are a Geelong family, we take pride in dealing directly to Geelong consumers as well as maintain jobs in Geelong!

We are open 7-days a week and are always available on 5241 11 08 to answer all your bedding concerns.

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