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The Slumberworld mattresses that suit your chosen comfort level

Slumberworld Mayfield Gold Mattress

Mayfield Gold

The Mayfield Gold comes with a deluxe medium-soft comfort, and has been the most popular of our premium range mattress for decades.
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Our Sovereign has been specifically designed for those who prefer a slightly firmer feel in their mattress (but not to firm).
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Built using our premium-grade spring system, the Portsea combines comfort, support and quality to create a deluxe medium-soft feel.
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Built using our premium-grade spring system and the highest quality Australian foams and fabrics, our Mayfield mattress offers premium medium-firm comfort.
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Supreme Comfort

With plush foams and high-quality knit quilting, the Supreme Comfort is the softest of our mid-range mattresses.
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Physio Gold

The Physio Gold has been designed to create a high-quality and supportive 'medium' feel that is not to soft and not to firm.
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Our Sportsapedic is a slight variation from our Firmapedic, and offers our customers a medium–firm feel.
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The Orthorest has been thoughtfully designed as a high quality, inexpensive mattress, offering great head to toe support with a medium feel.
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The Aztec is a comfortable entry level mattress that is perfect for spare rooms, caravan mattresses or young adults.
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Mix & Match

Mix n’ Match is an entry level mattress designed for those on a budget, but seeking a good quality mattress, handmade on premises from Australian materials.
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Super Comfort

The Super Comfort has been carefully designed with layers of varying densities to create an overall medium-soft feel of opulence and support.
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