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Mattress Shop In Geelong Rated Number 1 By Google

Mattress Shop In Geelong Rated Number 1 By Google

Slumberworld Geelong on the Torquay Road in Grovedale has been rated as the best mattress and bedding shop in Geelong by the Google Review system. With over thirty reviews, Slumberworld has been awarded 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars for their incredibly comfortable range of mattresses and exceptional customer service.

The team at Slumberworld has been manufacturing mattresses for over twenty-five years, and have a wide range of expertise in everything to do with mattresses and bedding. Customers can even see the mattresses being made while they are choosing their brand new mattress. With glass windows separating the retail showroom and the factory, customers can watch their mattress being made, and also receive a guided tour throughout the manufacturing warehouse.

Slumberworld’s foreman of mattress manufacturing, Michael Delaney, always looks forward to showing customers exactly how a mattress is made. Delaney said, “it is a bit of a thrill to be able to show customers around the factory. They are always amazed that we literally make the mattresses onsite, and really enjoy the tour”.

Slumberworld’s mattress shop is located at 132 Torquay Road in Grovedale. Geelong resident’s have been choosing to sleep on Slumberworld mattresses for years, and when they do, they can sleep easy knowing they are supporting Geelong manufacturing and a 100 per cent Australian business.

Please come in an visit Slumberworld for yourself, or call any of our friendly staff on (03) 52 4111 08, if you have any questions.



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