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5 Tips To Help Shop For The Right Mattress

5 Tips To Help Shop For The Right Mattress

Slumberworld Geelong have over 2 decades of experience in guiding our customers into the right mattress. Here are 5 tips to help shop for the right mattress:

The Right Body Support

Just because you may be after a “soft” comfort, this does not mean that the core of the mattress should be. It is important to have a strong and steady foundation in your mattress. The comfort layers can be built from here to suit your preference.

The Right Comfort Level

Choosing the right comfort in your mattress is important. Take time to consider how you will be sleeping on the mattress, and if you prefer a soft, medium or firm mattress. We will be able to guide you toward the right path.

Shop For A Double Sided Mattress

It is important to flip and rotate your mattress every 2-3 months. Is the mattress is a single sided or double sided mattress? If there are 2 people sleeping in the bed, you will get each others body impression. Body impressions can be reduced by being able to flip your mattress, as well as rotate will achieve a long and even wear.

Don’t Be Shy

The only way to test the mattress properly, is to lay down. Patting a mattress with your hand, won’t give you the right indication of comfort. Move in positions to ensure your joints are comfortable, your back is aligned and you can imagine yourself sleeping all night on that mattress.

Mattress Materials

There are many different styles of mattresses on the market to choose from. Ask questions about the quality of the springs, latex, materials and foams used. Know what is inside your mattress, and what materials may not suit what you are after.

Shopping for the right mattress can be an overwhelming task, when looking investing in a good night’s sleep.

That is our 5 tips to help shop for the right mattress. Contact our friendly team on 03 5241 1108 or Visit us in store 132 Torquay Road, Grovedale vic 3216 (Next to BP).



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