Truck mattresses, Geelong

Slumberworld in Geelong manufacture custom-made truck mattresses to suit any model truck. As we custom-make all of our mattresses right here in our Geelong factory, we can have the truck mattress measured and built to suit your truck cabin perfectly. Your truck mattress are made with the same top-quality materials and the same expertise as your mattress at home, but are exclusively designed to meet trucking industry requirements. There is no need to compromise on comfort just because you are on the road.

Whether you want a latex custom-made truck mattress or an innerspring custom-made truck mattress we can make it to suit your size and comfort specifications. If you are an over-the-road truck driver and spend many nights sleeping in your truck, you deserve a good night’s rest.

Read our article on latex vs innerspring to help you decide which would be a better option for your made-to-measure truck mattress.

Don’t lose another night’s sleep, talk to one of our staff about a custom-made mattress for your truck today. Contact us via email or phone us on 03 5241 1108.

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