Custom Western Star Truck Mattress

March 14, 2019

Although they may be similar, the dimensions for Western Star truck cabins come in all different shapes and sizes. The mattress measurements within those cabins are no different. While there is no ‘standard’ Western Star truck mattress, most are classified as a ‘non standard’ single.

Every mattress at Slumberworld, from entry-level to the most deluxe, are available in a custom size to be fitted into an Western Star truck. We use the best heavy duty spring system, the best quality foam, 100% Australian fabrics, and can even add steel side supports to strengthen the mattress around its edges.

If you are looking at investing in a new mattress for your truck, there are just a view measurements we would need to provide you with a quote on a custom truck mattress. The details we need to know are:

  1. The width and length of the mattress
  2. Are there any height restrictions? (the shallowest innerspring mattress we can manufacture is approximately 15cm or 150mm.
  3. Does the mattress require ‘cut’ or ’rounded’ corners?

Once we have these details, we are able to provide a quote and begin the process of upgrading your truck mattress. Our custom mattresses take approximately two to three weeks to be manufactured once the order is placed.

For more information on truck mattress, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Slumberworld on (03)52 411108 or via email at Otherwise, we are located at 132 Torquay Road, Grovedale, Geelong.