Caravan Mattresses in Geelong

October 1, 2018

Beat The Summer Rush

Christmas and the New Year are only a couple of months away now and the summer school holidays will be here before we know it!

Noel explains the ins and outs of custom caravan mattress production

Many residents in Geelong head down the coast for a summer holiday, checking in at one of the many wonderful caravan parks along the Great Ocean Road.


We custom-make caravan mattresses in Geelong, so you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep in your home away from home.

Many people who live in residential areas with limited storage space keep their caravan in storage throughout the year and pick it up before Christmas so they can use it over summer and take a break. It’s a good idea to check your van inside and out when you pick it up from storage and if your mattress has become victim to mould or is looking worse for wear, we will happily make a new one cut to size for you.

Maybe your mattress is in fine condition, but it’s never really supported you through a comfortable night’s sleep. And you’ve been meaning to upgrade to something softer and more suitable, but never got around to it.

There’s no reason why your caravan mattress can’t be a little touch of luxury, you are on holidays, after all. Our custom caravan mattresses only take 2-3 weeks to be manufactured.

If you’d like to enquire about ordering custom caravan mattresses in Geelong, please contact us. Of course, you don’t have to use it only in your caravan, you can have one made to use in your tent or kids’ tents, too!