Monthly Archive: June 2018

Electric Blankets for sale in Geelong at Slumberworld

June 27, 2018

While Geelong and most of Victoria is shivering through one of the coldest starts to winter on record, Slumberworld have luxurious electric blankets in stock and ready to keep you warm through the night. Slumberworld only stock a very high quality electric bed that is designed with many easy-to-use features that will make your sleep...

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Caravan mattresses for Jayco

June 23, 2018

Slumberworld in Geelong specialise in caravan mattresses for all types of Jayco caravans. While there is no ‘one-type’ of Jayco mattress size, the highly skilled team at Slumberworld can customise a mattress to fit the measurements of practically any uniquely shaped design. If would like a quote on a caravan mattress, the team at Slumberworld...

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Bedding Clearance Sale Begins at Slumberworld in Geelong

June 20, 2018

Slumberworld in Geelong have just launched their biggest ever mid-year clearance sale! Beds, bedroom suites, Manchester and linen items have been placed on sale, with some items price’s being slashed by 75%. The sale marks the end of what has been a very busy financial year for the business, which has resulted in an overabundance...

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Custom mattresses for Caravans and Trucks

June 17, 2018

If you tuned into Channel Nine’s Millionaire Hot Seat over the past few weeks, you may have seen our very own Chris discussing Slumberworld and our Custom Mattresses. While Chris was somewhat caught off guard by Eddie, he did a great job chatting about his family’s passion for making mattress – especially custom mattresses. Chris wanted...

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Geelong’s Best Mattress Shop

June 2, 2018

The team at Slumberworld has been making Geelong’s best mattresses for over 25 years. Not only do they specialise in all things mattresses, they also have an amazing array of bedroom furniture and manchester! If you would like to learn more about Slumberworld’s luxurious mattresses, visit our store at 132 Torquay Road, Grovedale. Or, browse...

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